CFR Defoam (3.78 Litres)

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CFR Carpet Defoamer

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CFR Defoam is now discontinued and has been replaced by Chemspec Liquid Defoamer Concentrate

Controls foam created during the removal of chemical residues from previous cleanings. Designed to float in workstation tank to prevent it from being recycled into the cleaning solution and deposited on fibre.

DEFOAM is used to provide defoaming action when using the CFR System to remove foam – causing residues from carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces deposited there by prior cleaning with another manufacturer’s cleaning system. Small amounts are very effective when used as directed.

DEFOAM is a sophisticated, water based, complex defoamer stabilized with a blend of organic couplers, designed for recycling.


  • Carpets: Commercial, residential and automotive
  • Upholstery: Commercial, residential and automotive
  • With any vacuum type cleaning machine having foam problems


  • Does not contribute to early resoiling
  • Floats on the surface in the tank for continuous defoaming action
  • Long shelf life
  • Very cost effective


Appearance Viscous, Bluish Liquid
Dilution Draw 60 to 120ml through Vacuum Hose
Foam Characteristics Powerful Defoaming Agent
Freeze / Thaw Stability Stable
Hard Water Tolerance N/A
pH 6.5 - 7.5
Shelf Life 12 Month
Specific Gravity 0.980 - 1.020
Surfactants None