CFR Super Solv (3.78 Litres)

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CFR Super Solv

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CFR Super-Solv is now discontinued and has been replaced by
Chemspec Liqua Gel

A Citrus gel stain remover, formulated to aggressively remove water-soluble soils such as heavy grease, tar, inks, toners, shoe polish and chewing gum from solvent-resistant surfaces. The gel keeps the spotter on the surface where the stains are.


SUPER-SOLV is a spotting agent and pre-treatment for the removal of heavy grease, tar, oil type stains, most inks, toners, shoe polish and chewing gum. SUPER-SOLV is an active blend of polar and non-polar solvents with a sophisticated emulsion system that provides for fast soil removal by water. SUPER-SOLV is a non chlorinated, low odour, low toxicity cleaner.


  • Carpets: Commercial, residential and automotive
  • Upholstery: Commercial, residential and automotive
  • Walls and floors that are not solvent-sensitive


  • Good rinse ability
  • Penetrates soils very quickly for speedy removal
  • Ready to use, no dilution required
  • Takes the place of several spotters
  • Very effective on a wide variety of solvent soluble stains


Appearance Water White Liquid with Slight Citrus Odour
Dilution Use As Is
Foam Characteristics Low Foaming
Freeze / Thaw Stability Slight Separation, Stir Before Use
Hard Water Tolerance N/A
pH N/A
Shelf Life 12 Month
Specific Gravity 0.78 - ).81
Surfactant Nonionic
Water Solubility 2% Maximum, Disperses Readily