Formula X-treme Floor Stripper - Super Concentrate (4 Litres)

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Pioneer Eclipse Formular X-Treme Floor Stripper

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Cold water formula that’s effective and fast acting.

Concentrated, powerful, non-ammoniated formula cuts through heavy build-up and hard to remove water-based seals in record time. Low odour!

Recommended Floor Surfaces: Vinyl composition tile (“VCT”), most types of terrazzo, marble and quarry tile.

NOTE: Test floor for colour fastness in an inconspicuous area.

Directions for use:

1. Mix Pioneer Eclipse Formula X-Treme UHP Floor Stripper thoroughly with water until uniform per the following dilution ratios:

Light Stripping: 1:40 (3.2 US oz per gallon or 25 ml per 1 litre cold water).

Medium Stripping: 1:30 (4.3 US oz per gallon or 34 ml per 1 litre cold water).

Heavy Stripping: 1:20 (6.4 US oz per gallon or 50 ml per 1 litre cold water).

2. Apply solution liberally to floor and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes.
Do not let floor dry - keep floor wet using additional solution as required.

3. Scrub floor with automatic scrubber or stripping machine. Pick up dirty solution with automatic scrubber or wet vac.

4. Rinse floor twice with neutral cleaner and once with water or use EnviroStar Green™ All Purpose Neutralizer per label instructions.

5. Allow floor to dry thoroughly before applying sealer or coating.