21" The White Cure Pad

Catalogue code:39-21/ETC

21" The ETC White Cure Floor Pad

£7.00 +VAT
£8.40 Inc VAT

Use the 21" ETC White Cure Pad to help cure freshly laid finish as soon as it dries. The perfect pad for overnight recoats before holiday traffic. It’s super soft to keep from pulling the finish up. It’s strong to stand up under propane, cord electric or battery floor machines, and it’s flexible to keep from burning uneven floors.

The problem: Not enough time! You have to lay finish and burnish it tonight before traffic tomorrow. But how do you keep from powdering the finish if there isn’t enough time to cure it?

The Cure®solves that problem.

  • It’s Super-Soft to keep from pulling the finish up.
  • It’s Strong to stand up under: Propane Cord Electric Battery
  • It’s Flexible to keep from burning uneven floors

Cure for uneven floors.

Uneven floors cause problems when they need burnishing. The high spots become burned from friction when a floor pad that is made for level surfaces is used.

The ETC Cure®solves all these problems:

  • Burn Marks with uneven floors
  • Powdering on newly laid finish
  • Scratches on newly laid finish and cures between layers of finish

The Cure® is used together with ETC’s other fine high speed & ultra high speed floor padsGorilla®, Blue Jay® and Superspeed Rubberized.