Amtech UK isn't just a commercial floor cleaning equipment supplier, we are also a leading provider of top carpet cleaning accessories. We carry carpet extractor accessories, floor machine accessories.

If you need floor machine pad drivers, floor machine pads, carpet extractor wands, carpet extractor hand tools, sprayers, let us provide you with them! When it comes to accessories for your commercial vacuum, Amtech UK is your one source.

We carry a wide range of accessories to fit your Powr-Flite, CFR and other major brands. Here you will find vacuum accessories such as upright vacuum bags, vacuum brush rolls, vacuum brush strips, vacuum belts, vacuum magnet bars, vacuum filters, vacuum hoses, and vacuum hand tools for both carpet and hard floors.

Allow Amtech UK to be your source for auto scrubber accessories, carpet extractor accessories, floor machine accessories, sanding/grinding accessories, vacuum accessories and concrete polishing brushes.

BarrierTech Cordless ULV Fogger

Cat code: FOG1

£800.00 +VAT

RRP : £950.00 +VAT

CFR Wonder Wand Twin Jet

Cat code: 77000

£795.00 +VAT
Truvox Twin Jet Carpet Cleaning Wand

Cat code: 20-0178-0000

£138.32 +VAT

RRP : £461.07 +VAT

Truvox Hydromist Compact Wand

Cat code: 05-3679-0000

£147.33 +VAT

RRP : £189.68 +VAT

3" CFR Combo Hand Tool C/W 6501 Nozzle

Cat code: 10224A

£197.60 +VAT
5" CFR Combo Hand Tool C/W 9502 Nozzle

Cat code: 77019

£230.00 +VAT
7.5" Special Purpose Hand Tool

Cat code: 10225A

£255.00 +VAT
3" CFR Hand Tool & Conversion Hose Kit

Cat code: 72324A

£392.00 +VAT
5" CFR Hand Tool & Conversion Hose Kit

Cat code: 72360A

£415.00 +VAT
Truvox Standard Upholstery Tool

Cat code: 93-0142-0000

£95.00 +VAT

RRP : £120.94 +VAT

Truvox Heavy Duty Upholstery Tool

Cat code: 93-0143-0000

£98.00 +VAT

RRP : £142.27 +VAT

5' Flexible Conversion Hide A Hose C/W Receiver

Cat code: 77018

£237.50 +VAT
25' Flexible Add-On Extension Hide A Hose

Cat code: 10043B

£312.50 +VAT
33' Flexible Hide A Hose C/W Receiver

Cat code: 77002

£450.00 +VAT
33' Flexible Hide A Hose

Cat code:WWH33

Hose Joiner

Cat code: PMF-AC21NR

£15.42 +VAT
Truvox AM3000 Dryer

Cat code: AM3000

£265.00 +VAT

RRP : £379.00 +VAT

Dri-Eaz CFM 1000 Airmover

Cat code: CFM-1000-UK

£220.00 +VAT
Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Floor Dryer

Cat code: F451-230V

£132.00 +VAT
3 Speed Hybrid Carpet Turbo Dryer

Cat code: HB3400

£245.00 +VAT

RRP : £320.00 +VAT

Sebo Duo Cleaning Machine

Cat code: 3000G

£275.00 +VAT
17" Powr-Sorb Tiger Bonnet

Cat code:202-17/ETC

17" Soil-Sorb Carpet Bonnet

Cat code:F93P

ORBOT 19" AgiClean Carpet Encapsulation Pads (Box of 5)

Cat code:HOSACP19

Orbot Pad Glider Set

Cat code: HOSGS

£28.00 +VAT
11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Cleaning Bonnets

Cat code: SLRSZORB

£120.00 +VAT
ORBOT 21" SuperZorb Cotton Combo Bonnets

Cat code:HOSSZP21

Kwazar Mercury Super Pro+ 360, 0.5 Litre

Cat code: Mercury0.5B

£5.65 +VAT
Kwazar Mercury Super Pro+ 360, 1Litre

Cat code: Mercury1.0B

£6.55 +VAT
Venus Super Pro+ 360 Sprayer 1.5 Litre

Cat code: Venus1.5L

£14.25 +VAT
Orion Pump Up Sprayer 6 Litre

Cat code: ORION6L

£59.42 +VAT
Disposable Overshoes

Cat code: 75247

£4.50 +VAT
White Terry Towels

Cat code: TWL12

£24.00 +VAT
Backpack Vacuum Bags

Cat code: U2-U11-078

£8.50 +VAT

RRP : £10.67 +VAT

Truvox Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Cat code: U2-U11-077

£8.50 +VAT

RRP : £8.95 +VAT

SEBO BS36 / BS46 Vacuum Paper Bags

Cat code: 1055

£8.50 +VAT

RRP : £8.95 +VAT

Universal Carpet Clamp For CFR 500DX Carpet Dryer

Cat code: PD100K

£25.71 +VAT

RRP : £28.57 +VAT

Cimex-Encap 8" Pads

Cat code:06-0309-0000

Cimex-Encap Shampoo Brushes

Cat code: 11-2007-0500

£98.12 +VAT

RRP : £110.35 +VAT

Solution Filling Hose

Cat code:30.0024.00

iVo Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit

Cat code: IPBC

£147.00 +VAT
Brush Nylon Bristle

Cat code: B861

£1.49 +VAT

RRP : £1.99 +VAT

Wire Brush for Gum Removal

Cat code: BRUSH

£2.16 +VAT
iVo 125mm Carpet & Upholstery Soft Brush

Cat code: IOPBU301

£19.90 +VAT
iVo 125mm Carpet Brush (Firm)

Cat code: IOPBC301

£19.90 +VAT
MotorScrubber Delicate Cleaning Brush

Cat code: MS1038

£27.08 +VAT
Carpet Cleaning Machine Priming Hose

Cat code:PT400H

Truvox Hydromist Accessory Kit

Cat code: 05-3406-0000

£135.00 +VAT

RRP : £153.62 +VAT

iVo OrbiPro Microfibre Bonnets 170mm (5 Pack)

Cat code: IOPWMB75

£9.90 +VAT
iVo Orbipro Small Velcro Backing Pad, 170mm

Cat code: IOPSBP1

£3.60 +VAT
iVo OrbiPro Threaded Velcro Pad Holder

Cat code: IOPPH1

£9.90 +VAT
ORBOT 17" Carpet Agitation Brush

Cat code: HOS-CPBR01

£83.35 +VAT
11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Brush


£48.00 +VAT
Truvox VTVe Compact Tub Vacuum Bags

Cat code: 05-4739-0000

£16.83 +VAT
Hose Assembly CFR Pro Spotter

Cat code:X9058

Powr-Zone Ozone Generator

Cat code:PFPZ-2+

18" Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

Cat code:CA001+

Truvox Orbis Carpet Cleaning Brush

Cat code: 05-3433-000

£85.00 +VAT