Vacuum Cleaners

Buy from our complete range of commercial vacuum cleaners, including upright, backpack, wet and dry, and wide area vacuum cleaners.

Truvox VTVe Compact Tub Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VTVe


RRP: £125.00 +VAT

Truvox BackPack Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VBPIIe


RRP: £280.00 +VAT

Truvox Valet Cordless Battery Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VBU


RRP: £655.00 +VAT

iVo RovaVac Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:IRV1


RRP: £395.00 +VAT

Sebo BS 360 Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:91080GB


RRP: £440.00 +VAT

Sebo Duo Cleaning Machine

Cat code:3000G

Valet Wide Area Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VWAV


RRP: £2730.00 +VAT

Numatic Wet or Dry Vacuum

Cat code:WV900

Valet Aqua 55 Litre Heavy Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA55HD


RRP: £615.00 +VAT

Valet Aqua 55 Litre Industrial Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA55IND


RRP: £645.00 +VAT

Cimex Escalator Cleaner

Cat code:X46


RRP: £2890.00 +VAT

SC2000 Commercial Steam & Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:SC2000DT

Backpack Vacuum Bags

Cat code:U2-U11-078


RRP: £10.67 +VAT

SEBO BS36 / BS46 Vacuum Paper Bags

Cat code:1055


RRP: £8.95 +VAT

Truvox Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Cat code:U2-U11-077


RRP: £8.95 +VAT

Truvox VTVe Compact Tub Vacuum Bags

Cat code:05-4739-0000