Pad Drivers & Brushes

17" Black Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 80 Grit

Cat code:583217

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Green Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 120 Grit

Cat code:583017

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Blue Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 180 Grit

Cat code:586517

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Red Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad - 500 Grit

Cat code:583417

 (£132.96 Inc VAT)

RRP £138.50 +VAT

Wire Brush for Gum Removal

Cat code:BRUSH

 (£4.50 Inc VAT)
Brush Nylon Bristle

Cat code:B861

 (£2.39 Inc VAT)
17" Malish Mal-Grit Xtra Scrub Brush

Cat code:813617

 (£464.83 Inc VAT)

RRP £484.20 +VAT

17" Malish Mal-Grit Brush

Cat code:813217

 (£464.83 Inc VAT)

RRP £484.20 +VAT

17" Malish Mal-Grit Scrub Brush

Cat code:813017

 (£464.83 Inc VAT)

RRP £484.20 +VAT

17" Malish Clean-Grit Brush

Cat code:816517

 (£464.83 Inc VAT)

RRP £484.20 +VAT

17" Malish Mal-Grit Lite Brush

Cat code:813417

 (£464.83 Inc VAT)

RRP £484.20 +VAT

14" Predator 14 Soft White Scrubbing Brush

Cat code:05-4622-0000

 (£78.00 Inc VAT)
14" Predator 14 General Purpose Scrubbing Brush

Cat code:05-4621-0000

 (£78.00 Inc VAT)
Predator 14" Tufted Pad Driver

Cat code:05-4620-0000

 (£70.80 Inc VAT)
Ezee-Grip Telescopic Pole

Cat code:GBHDL1

 (£22.87 Inc VAT)
Multiwash MW240 Side Brush

Cat code:90-0134-0000

 (£210.08 Inc VAT)
Multiwash MW340 Side Brush

Cat code:90-0132-0000

 (£210.38 Inc VAT)
Multiwash MW440 Side Brush

Cat code:90-0385-0000

 (£209.39 Inc VAT)
Multiwash MW240 Soft Grey Brush

Cat code:90-0133-00000

 (£172.44 Inc VAT)
Multiwash MW340 Soft Grey Brush

Cat code:90-0131-00000

 (£190.26 Inc VAT)
Multiwash MW440 Soft Grey Brush

Cat code:90-0388-00000

 (£196.16 Inc VAT)
Cimex X46 Nylon Brushes

Cat code:05-4096-0000

 (£150.00 Inc VAT)
Cimex X46 Tynex Brushes

Cat code:05-4097-0000

 (£216.00 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Delicate Cleaning Brush

Cat code:MS1038

 (£37.18 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Aggressive Duty Brush

Cat code:MS1039P

 (£50.76 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Tile & Grout Brush

Cat code:MS1039TG

 (£77.98 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Medium Duty Brush

Cat code:MS1041

 (£49.73 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Flagged Tipped Brush

Cat code:MS1044

 (£56.77 Inc VAT)
MotorScrubber Stair Brush

Cat code:MS1049

 (£137.16 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Threaded Velcro Pad Holder

Cat code:IOPPH1

 (£13.73 Inc VAT)
iVo Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit

Cat code:IPBC

 (£182.40 Inc VAT)
11" Orbot SLiM Tile And Grout Brush

Cat code:120.0738.0

 (£60.00 Inc VAT)
18" iVo Rapitex Turf Pad

Cat code:IOM43RT-1

 (£142.56 Inc VAT)
iVo 125mm Carpet & Upholstery Soft Brush

Cat code:IOPBU301

 (£27.59 Inc VAT)
iVo 125mm Carpet Brush (Firm)

Cat code:IOPBC301

 (£27.59 Inc VAT)

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