Floor Cleaning Pads

Full range of floor cleaning and janitorial pads including melamine, scouring, wet cleaning and scrubbing. These pads are ideal for grouted tile floors, concrete floors, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

17" Duala Low Speed Clean & Shine Pad

Cat code:DUALA-17

17" x 25mm Melamine Combo Floor Pad

Cat code:4517

Turf Ruff Hand Pads - 4" x 10"

Cat code:TURF-4x10

17" Turf Ruff Brush Pad

Cat code:TURF-17/ETC

17" x 15mm Heavy Duty Melamine Combo Floor Pad

Cat code:4517BD

15" Red Light Cleaning Floor Pad

Cat code:PDLC03015


RRP: £4.50 +VAT

17" Red Light Cleaning Floor Pad

Cat code:PDLC03017

17" Blue Deep Scrub Floor Pad

Cat code:53-17/ETC

iVo OrbiPro Red Scrubbing Pad 170mm

Cat code:IOPRMP5

iVo OrbiPro Melamine Pads 170mm

Cat code:SFP5

Combo Melamine Hand Pads (Pack 5) 115 x 250 mm

Cat code:4510

Abrasive Green Backed Scrubber Sponges

Cat code:SC200/ETC

iVo OrbiPro Blue Scrubbing Pad 170mm

Cat code:IOPBMP5

Rectangular Melamine Floor Cleaning Pad

Cat code:9.506.510

11" Orbot SLiM Tile And Grout Brush


Oszilla Superpad Red Light Floor Pad

Cat code:9.506.504

Oszilla Brush Pad

Cat code:9.506.512

Oszilla Superpad Green Scrubbing Pad

Cat code:9.506.505