Floor Stripping Pads

Amtech UK’s range of durable and long lasting floor stripping pads are designed for complete coating and sealer removal. Recommended use with Pioneer Eclipse floor strippers.

17" Redwood Floor Stipping Pads

Cat code:47-FPP-17

17" Black Floor Stripping Pad

Cat code: PDST05017

£5.40 +VAT
17" Dominator Super Strip Floor Pad

Cat code:PDSS09017

17" Orbot AkwaStrip Pads

Cat code: HOSASP17

£102.00 +VAT
10" x 4" Heavy Duty Black Scrub Pads

Cat code: 672/ETC

£4.28 +VAT
iVo OrbiPro Black Scrubbing Pad 170mm

Cat code: IOPBTP5

£11.90 +VAT
Superpad Black Floor Stripping Pad

Cat code: IOM48B-5

£10.80 +VAT