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Amtech UK carry a large stock of spare parts for CFR, Powr-Flite and Pioneer Eclipse range of machines and equipment. Find all your cleaning equipment parts from your carpet and hard floor care equipment provider.

Amtech UK is a leading provider of top brand parts for all types of commercial cleaning machines. We have thousands of products in stock. Choose from parts for your automatic scrubbers, dryers, air movers, bearings and brass fittings. Parts for carpet extractors such as housing, heaters, extractor solution and vacuum hoses, extractor pumps, spray tips, wand valve and valve kits. We can provide you with electrical parts, floor machine parts, burnisher parts, power cords, strain reliefs and switches.

Amtech UK is your source for commercial vacuum parts and Lamb Ametek replacement motors. Find the vacuum housing, vacuum brush rolls, brush strips, vacuum filters, motors, impellers, vacuum handles, vacuum hoses, vacuum cuffs, vacuum connectors that your equipment needs.

Coupler, QD 1/8 F

Cat code: PMF-QD52

£9.85 +VAT
Nipple, QD 1/8M

Cat code: PMF-QD12

£5.38 +VAT
Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code: PMF-RV4N-HP

£14.95 +VAT
Wonder Wand Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code: PMF-RV2P-EZ

£13.76 +VAT
Nozzle Seal / O Ring

Cat code: SSCP19770

£4.90 +VAT
Nipple, QD 1/4M-1/4F Valved

Cat code: PMF-QD40

£9.50 +VAT
Coupler, QD, Valved 1/4 F

Cat code: PMF-QD80

£13.85 +VAT
1/4" Reusable Solution Hose Fitting

Cat code: PMF-CF34

£25.35 +VAT
1/8" Reusable Solution Hose Fitting

Cat code: 70080A

£25.35 +VAT
Trigger Assembly

Cat code:PMF-V4N-HP

Valve Assembly Wonder Wand

Cat code: PMF-V2PS-EZ

£62.62 +VAT
Valve Body with Trigger CFR Spotter

Cat code: AA159

£33.46 +VAT
Brass Nozzle Body with O Ring

Cat code:72488A

Check Valve

Cat code: 72413A

£24.52 +VAT
Kit A, Pumptec Plunger / Seal

Cat code: PT-10055

£72.35 +VAT
Kit B, Pumptec Valves

Cat code: PT-10022

£43.50 +VAT
Kit C, .105 Cam Bearing

Cat code: PT-10075

£25.00 +VAT
Kit C, .160 Cam Bearing

Cat code: PT-10081

£25.00 +VAT
Kit, Pressure Regulator Rebuild

Cat code: PT-70002

£25.00 +VAT
Kit Pressure Regulator Rebuild CFR ECO

Cat code: 10158A

£68.27 +VAT
1000 PSI Pressure Gauge

Cat code: PT-31282

£25.78 +VAT
Brass Regulator

Cat code: PT-70052

£82.28 +VAT
Carpet Cleaning Machine Priming Hose

Cat code:PT400H

Gasket Vacuum

Cat code: 70020B

£5.55 +VAT
Lamb Ametek 3 stage 5.7" High Suction Vacuum Motor

Cat code: 72854A

£148.00 +VAT
Lamb Ametek 6.6" High Suction Vacuum Motor

Cat code: 72855B

£148.00 +VAT
Lamb Ametek 2 stage High Suction Vacuum Motor

Cat code:1989+

Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motor Mounting Bracket

Cat code: 72853A

£18.00 +VAT
Filter Final cartridge CFR Eco 500

Cat code: 72777B

£28.72 +VAT
CFR Eco 500 Inlet Filters Pack of 6

Cat code: 72776B

£15.85 +VAT
Filter Basket Inlet Stainless Steel Eco 500

Cat code:72774B

Pump Protection Filter

Cat code: 71495A

£7.92 +VAT
Powr-Flite InLine Filter

Cat code: PT-31295

£32.71 +VAT
Filter Inline Strainer

Cat code: 72140A

£9.90 +VAT
Wonder Wand Inline Filter

Cat code:60400B

CFR Main Filter Altra SS

Cat code: 72188A

£132.30 +VAT
CFR Main Filter 55 Micron

Cat code:72224C

Backpack HEPA Filter Assembly

Cat code: 89-0019-0000

£4.28 +VAT
Brass Coupler, QD 1/8 M

Cat code: PMF-QD52M

£13.57 +VAT
Clip, Wand Header Retainer

Cat code: 71700A

£9.09 +VAT
Nozzle Stainless Steel Wonder Wand 11001

Cat code: QSVV-SS-11001

£29.12 +VAT
Nozzle Stainless Steel Wonder Wand 110015

Cat code: QSVV-SS-11015

£29.12 +VAT
Nozzle Stainless Steel Wonder Wand 11002

Cat code:QSVV-SS-11002

Nozzle Assembly 6501, For 3" Combo Tool

Cat code:SS-H1/8DT-SS6501

Nozzle Assembly 6502, For 3" Combo Tool

Cat code: SS-H1/8DT-SS6502

£17.95 +VAT
Nozzle Assembly 6503, For 3" Combo Tool

Cat code: SS-H1/8DT-SS6503

£17.95 +VAT
Nozzle Assembly 6504, For 3" Combo Tool

Cat code: SS-H1/8DT-SS6504

£17.95 +VAT
Nozzle Assembly 9501, For 5" Combo Tool

Cat code:60592A

Nozzle Assembly 9502, For 5" Combo Tool

Cat code: 60593A

£17.95 +VAT
Nozzle Assembly 9503, For 5" Combo Tool

Cat code: 60594A

£17.95 +VAT
Nozzle Assembly 9504, For 5" Combo Tool

Cat code: 60595A

£17.95 +VAT
Air Inlet Tool Cover

Cat code: 72278A

£14.75 +VAT
Thumb Nut for Hand Tool

Cat code: 72831A

£10.32 +VAT
500 p.s.i. Gold Pump Head

Cat code: PT-60065

£283.00 +VAT
500 p.s.i. Blue Pump Head

Cat code:PT403

Shurflo Demand Pump

Cat code:SF814-2

Power Connector (Female)

Cat code: X9817

£42.19 +VAT
Plug And Power Lead

Cat code: X9817 +LEAD

£75.45 +VAT
X9819 Power Connector (Male)

Cat code: X9819

£46.25 +VAT
X9818 Power Connector (Male)

Cat code:X9818

ML-3P 15 AMP Flanged Inlet

Cat code: X9000

£63.85 +VAT
15 AMP Female Plug

Cat code:SW150

Rocker Switch

Cat code: PX87

£8.59 +VAT
RFI Filter 20A

Cat code: 71816A

£55.00 +VAT
Relay 240 V

Cat code: 71379B

£29.25 +VAT
CFR ECO 500 Hour Meter

Cat code: 72411A

£25.05 +VAT
CFR PRO 500 Hour Meter

Cat code: 71544A

£22.89 +VAT
Bluffton Pump Motor

Cat code:PT-M411

Motor Pump CFR, Powr-Flite

Cat code: PT-M58

£406.00 +VAT
6" Lid

Cat code: PX103+

£32.24 +VAT
Hose Joiner

Cat code: PMF-AC21NR

£15.42 +VAT
Vacuum Chamber

Cat code: X9467

£27.98 +VAT
Plastic Fitting Hose Barb

Cat code: PX25

£2.75 +VAT
10" Rear Wheel + Cap

Cat code:X9063 + 7GL002

1/2" Push Nut And Cap

Cat code: 7GL002

£3.50 +VAT
Wheel PFX Series 12" + Cap

Cat code: X9066 + 7GL002

£36.42 +VAT
10" Cascade Rear Wheel

Cat code: 72580A +72592A +72597A

£36.75 +VAT
4" Caster Wheel Black PFX Series

Cat code: PX65

£24.05 +VAT
Drain Hose Plug / Cap

Cat code: PAS36

£9.47 +VAT
CFR ECO 500 Drain Hose

Cat code: X9594

£40.28 +VAT
Drain Hose Long

Cat code: PAS37

£18.10 +VAT
Hose Assembly CFR Pro Spotter

Cat code:X9058

Handle / Wheel Assembly Trolley

Cat code: X8990N

£43.86 +VAT
Solution Filling Hose

Cat code:30.0024.00

1.5" Valve Hanger

Cat code: PMF-AC31V5

£8.95 +VAT

Cat code: X8012A

£24.02 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Hinge Bolt

Cat code: OB1002

£0.45 +VAT
Orbot Sprayborg Hinge And Handle

Cat code: OB1003-10

£83.99 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg On Off Switch

Cat code: OB1005-03

£8.58 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Sprayer Switch

Cat code: OB1007

£10.84 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Breaker

Cat code: OB1010

£7.69 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Wiring Box Cover Screw

Cat code: OB1012

£0.84 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/2" Cord Grip

Cat code: OB1013

£9.93 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/2" Conduit Nut

Cat code: OB1014

£0.58 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Handle Tube Cap

Cat code: OB1015

£2.71 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/2" Cord Grip for Handle Power Cord

Cat code:OB1018

Orbot SprayBorg Pull Latch

Cat code: OB1025

£54.55 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Handle Cord

Cat code: OB1033-09

£45.00 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 3/8" Pump Cage Hose

Cat code: OB2004

£3.91 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/4" Brass Elbow

Cat code: OB2007

£3.75 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2008-01

£7.71 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/4" Hex Nipple Pipe

Cat code: OB2008-02

£2.13 +VAT
Orbot Sprayborg Pump Cage Brass Elbow

Cat code: OB2008-04

£6.11 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Flow Control Valve

Cat code: OB2008-5

£73.45 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 90° Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2009

£15.78 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 3/8" Bottle Cartridge Hose

Cat code: OB2015

£9.75 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Strainer Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2016

£17.68 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bottle Cap

Cat code: OB2018

£7.18 +VAT
Orbot Vibe Check Valve Strainer

Cat code: OB30155

£14.25 +VAT
Orbot Sprayborg Spray Jet

Cat code: OB3014

£17.54 +VAT
3/8" Orbot SprayBorg Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2011

£16.58 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Spray Jet Body

Cat code: OB3016

£7.87 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Nylon Spray Jet Washer

Cat code: OB3018

£0.29 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Quick Connect Tee

Cat code: OB3019

£14.87 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Left Spray Jet Coupler

Cat code: OB3020

£12.55 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/4" Spray Jet Hose

Cat code: OB3022

£1.31 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bearing Spacer

Cat code: OB3026-8

£9.49 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Drive Plate Screw

Cat code: OB3047

£0.69 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bearing Screw

Cat code: OB3026-17

£0.56 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bearing Assembly

Cat code: OB3026-20

£120.66 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Velcro Driver Plate Screw

Cat code: OB3042

£0.75 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Velcro Terminal Strip

Cat code: HOSOSV1

£8.00 +VAT
Relief Valve Assembly for Orion Pro+

Cat code: orion5.00

£8.07 +VAT
Orion Pump Up Sprayer Foot Valve

Cat code: orion4.04

£3.60 +VAT
Viton O-Ring (31 x 3)

Cat code: orion4.06

£2.90 +VAT
Orion 8001 Sprayer Tip (Orange)

Cat code: SF01

£2.50 +VAT
Orion 8002 Sprayer Tip (Yellow)

Cat code: SF02

£2.50 +VAT
1/4 - 1/8 Reducing Bush

Cat code: 7AG002

£1.77 +VAT
Truvox Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Hose

Cat code:U2-U11-085

Truvox Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Telescopic Wand

Cat code: 89-0010-0000

£29.59 +VAT
Truvox Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Floor Tool

Cat code: HB15C

£11.22 +VAT
Truvox Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Small Accessory Tool Set

Cat code: 89-0016-0000

£11.03 +VAT
Orbot Splash Guard

Cat code: HOSSG17

£110.00 +VAT
ORBOT SLiM Battery Charger


£80.50 +VAT

RRP : £115.00 +VAT

ORBOT SLiM Rechargeable Battery

Cat code: SRLI-ION

£250.00 +VAT

RRP : £315.00 +VAT

ML-3 15 AMP Female Plug

Cat code:X9809