Carpet Bonnets / Brushes

No floor machine job is complete without the proper accessories!

Amtech UK is your source for floor machine accessories and supplies. Starting with carpet bonnets and carpet brushes, find the Powr-Sorb and green/white scrub bonnets to turn your floor machine into an efficient carpet scrubber. We carry a variety of brushes that fit your needs including light grit, medium grit, and specialty floor brushes such as poly scrub, bassine scrub and union mix brushes

Cimex-Encap 8" Pads

Cat code: 06-0309-0000

£56.48 +VAT

RRP : £81.31 +VAT

ORBOT 19" AgiClean Carpet Encapsulation Pads

Cat code:HOSACP19

19" Encapsulation Pad

Cat code:42-19/ETC

ORBOT 17" Carpet Agitation Brush

Cat code: HOS-CPBR01

£83.35 +VAT
11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Cleaning Bonnets

Cat code: SLRSZORB

£120.00 +VAT
ORBOT 21" SuperZorb Cotton Combo Bonnets

Cat code: HOSSZP21

£200.00 +VAT
17" Powr-Sorb Tiger Bonnet

Cat code: 202-17/ETC

£21.00 +VAT
17" Soil-Sorb Carpet Bonnet

Cat code: F93P

£25.00 +VAT
18" Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

Cat code: CA001+

£35.50 +VAT
Sebo Duo Cleaning Machine

Cat code:3000G

Cimex-Encap Shampoo Brushes

Cat code: 11-2007-0500

£98.12 +VAT

RRP : £110.35 +VAT

iVo Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit

Cat code: IPBC

£132.30 +VAT

RRP : £147.00 +VAT

Wire Brush for Gum Removal

Cat code: BRUSH

£1.99 +VAT
iVo 125mm Carpet & Upholstery Brush

Cat code: IOPB125C

£19.90 +VAT
MotorScrubber Delicate Cleaning Brush

Cat code: MS1038

£27.08 +VAT
Orbot Pad Glider

Cat code: HOSGS

£28.00 +VAT
Brush Nylon Bristle

Cat code: B861

£1.49 +VAT

RRP : £1.99 +VAT

iVo OrbiPro Microfibre Bonnets 170mm

Cat code: IOPWMB75

£9.90 +VAT
iVo Orbipro Small Velcro Backing Pad, 170mm

Cat code: IOPSBP1

£3.60 +VAT
iVo OrbiPro Threaded Velcro Pad Holder

Cat code: IOPPH1

£9.90 +VAT
11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Brush


£48.00 +VAT