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Hand Tools

CFR Combination Hand Tool

Advanced Performance Specialty Tools for Moisture-Controlled Cleaning.

No carpet extractor is complete without the right tools and accessories. At Amtech UK you will find the most technology advanced patented hand tools specifically designed to deliver unsurpassed soil removal and the fastest drying times in the business. Ideal tools for cleaning Upholstery, Curtains, Partitioning, Mattresses and much more.

3" CFR Combo Hand Tool C/W 6501 Nozzle

Cat code:10224A


RRP: £185.00 +VAT

5" CFR Combo Tool C/W 9502 Nozzle

Cat code:72560A


RRP: £195.00 +VAT

Special Purpose Hand Tool 7.5"

Cat code:10225A


RRP: £210.00 +VAT

Truvox Standard Upholstery Tool

Cat code:93-0142-0000


RRP: £107.55 +VAT

Truvox 120 psi Standard Upholstery Tool

Cat code:20-0179-0000


RRP: £185.00 +VAT

Truvox Heavy Duty Upholstery Tool

Cat code:93-0143-0000


RRP: £126.51 +VAT

Truvox Hydromist Accessory Kit

Cat code:05-3406-0000


RRP: £153.62 +VAT

iVo Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit

Cat code:IPBC


RRP: £147.00 +VAT

iVo OrbiPro Cordless Orbital Complete Kit

Cat code:IOPK2


RRP: £415.00 +VAT