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Carpet Shampoos / Detergents

The unique technology used in the formulation of the CFR chemical system make it the only line of carpet care chemicals that continue to perform under recycling. CFR chemical products have been specifically designed to enhance the performance of the patented CFR recycling system.

CFR Reclaim

Cat code:3AN003


RRP: £22.27 +VAT

CFR Excell Carpet Detergent

Cat code:3BL003


RRP: £22.27 +VAT

CFR A Excell Carpet Detergent

Cat code:3BM003


RRP: £22.27 +VAT

CFR Enz-Soil One

Cat code:3BK005


RRP: £49.85 +VAT

Environ HP Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

Cat code:HOSEHP4G


RRP: £43.75 +VAT

Cimex-Encap Carpet Cleaner

Cat code:06-0326-0000

Chemspec Enz-All (Enzyme Pre-Spray)

Cat code:C-UKENZA24

From: £24.98+VAT
Chemspec Fission Traffic Lane Cleaner

Cat code:C-FTLC4G

From: £21.63+VAT
Chemspec Formula 90 Powder

Cat code:C-UK9024

From: £21.45+VAT
Chemspec Liquid Formula 90

Cat code:C-UKLF90

From: £39.85+VAT
Chemspec Kill Odor Plus

Cat code:C-KOP4G

From: £24.15+VAT