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Floor Polishes

Amtech UK’s premium floor polishes designed specifically for ease of application and maintenance while consistently providing a beautiful, durable, and safe wet-look shine.

High solids formula for ultra high speed applications. Produces a finish so tough that it significantly reduces the frequency of recoating and burnishing. Provides excellent gloss, scuff resistance and long lasting durability.

Pioneer Eclipse LockOut Hard Floor Protector

Cat code:423FSE


RRP: £199.40 +VAT

Omniguard™ UHS Floor Polish

Cat code:141MP


RRP: £27.43 +VAT

FloorMatte Non Glare Polish

Cat code:114MP


RRP: £23.52 +VAT

Sta-Brite 20 Floor Polish

Cat code:130MP


RRP: £24.40 +VAT

Equinox Floor Polish

Cat code:103MP


RRP: £26.02 +VAT