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ORBOT Accessories

Amtech UK is your source for ORBOT machine and floor care accessories, including ORBOT pads, brushes and vacuum bags.

17" Red Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad

Cat code:583417


RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Blue Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad

Cat code:586517


RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Green Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad

Cat code:583017


RRP £138.50 +VAT

17" Black Malish Flex Scrub Brush / Pad

Cat code:583217


RRP £138.50 +VAT

Orbot UltraLift Melamine Pads 17" (Box of 5)

Cat code:HOSMP17U

Orbot Weight Set Kit

Cat code:HOSO40WK

Orbot Splash Guard

Cat code:HOSSG17

ORBOT 21" SuperZorb Cotton Combo Bonnets

Cat code:HOSSZP21

ORBOT 19" AgiClean Carpet Encapsulation Pads (Box of 5)

Cat code:HOSACP19

17" x 15mm Heavy Duty Melamine Combo Floor Pad

Cat code:4517BD

17" Orbot AkwaStrip Pads (Box of 10)

Cat code:HOSASP17

Environ HP Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

Cat code:HOSEHP4G

Orbot Multi-Floor Driver Plate Mk2

Cat code:MFVDP17

Orbot Multi-Floor Driver Kit Mk2

Cat code:MFDKIT17


RRP £255.00 +VAT

11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Brush


11" Orbot SLiM Tile And Grout Brush


11" ORBOT SLiM Carpet Cleaning Bonnets


ORBOT SLiM Rechargeable Battery

Cat code:SLRLI-ION

ORBOT SLiM Battery Charger


Orbot SprayBorg Bottle Cartridge

Cat code:HOS-2019