Amtech UK Propane diamond floor grinding and polishing machines, offer the best and most powerful surface preparation and treatment systems for concrete and other hard floor finishes.

Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 21" Propane Burnisher

Cat code: 420BU21BCV

£3895.00 +VAT
40" Hammer Head Propane Burnisher

Cat code: 420BU40BCV

£5845.00 +VAT
420GPHD 21" Floor Grinder, Polisher & Burnisher

Cat code: 420GPHD

£8763.00 +VAT
PE450GP Propane Floor Grinder and Polisher

Cat code: 450GP34E

£17031.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 440ST Propane Stripping Machine

Cat code: PE440ST

£5975.00 +VAT
Pioneer Eclipse 440BU Propane Floor Burnisher

Cat code: 440BU21E

£4385.00 +VAT