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Chemspec Carpet Cleaning Products

Chemspec professional range of carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals and products, including Chemspec stain removers, odour control, traffic lane cleaner and enzyme pre-spray.

Chemspec Enz-All (Enzyme Pre-Spray)

Cat code:UKENZA24

Chemspec Fission Traffic Lane Cleaner

Cat code:FTLC4G

Chemspec Formula 90 Powder

Cat code:UK9024

Chemspec Kill Odor Plus

Cat code:KOP4G

Chemspec Liquid Defoamer Concentrate

Cat code:LD4G

Chemspec Liquid Formula 90

Cat code:UKLF90

Chemspec Paint Oil and Grease Remover

Cat code:UKPOGCS

Chemspec StainShield Professional

Cat code:SSP4G

Chemspec Dye Gone Sprayer Kit

Cat code:DGPDSCS

Chemspec Dye Gone Refills

Cat code:DGCS

Chemspec Spotting Kit

Cat code:PSSKEA