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Restoration Equipment

Buy from our complete range of commercial restoration equipment, including ozone generators, wet and dry vacuums and air movers.

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Air Movers
Wet & Dry Pick Ups
Truvox AM3000 Dryer

Cat code:AM3000

 (£381.00 Inc VAT)
Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Floor Dryer

Cat code:C-123408

 (£174.00 Inc VAT)
3 Speed Hybrid Carpet Turbo Dryer

Cat code:HB3400

 (£362.88 Inc VAT)

RRP £432.00 +VAT

Valet Aqua 55 Litre Heavy Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA55HD

 (£756.00 Inc VAT)

RRP £787.50 +VAT

Valet Aqua 20 Heavy Duty Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA20HD

 (£297.60 Inc VAT)

RRP £310.00 +VAT

Fix Head Squeegee for Valet Aqua 55HD Pick Up

Cat code:FM100H

 (£159.08 Inc VAT)

RRP £165.71 +VAT

Valet Aqua 75 Industrial Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:VA75IND

 (£1089.12 Inc VAT)

RRP £1134.50 +VAT

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