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Pump Up / Sprayer Bottles

Amtech UK Pump Up Spray Bottles are ideal for protector and/or pre-spray applications. They can give a fine, fan pattern spray making them perfect for carpet and upholstery type applications.

Levante Automatic Electric Sprayer

Cat code: RRLEVA

£98.75 +VAT

RRP : £125.00 +VAT

Mercury Super Pro+ 360, 0.5 Litre

Cat code: Mercury0.5B

£5.42 +VAT
Kwazar Mercury Super Pro+ 360, 1Litre

Cat code: Mercury1.0B

£6.28 +VAT
Venus Super Pro+ 360 Sprayer 1.5 Litre

Cat code: Venus1.5L

£13.68 +VAT
Orion Pump Up Sprayer 6 Litre

Cat code: ORION6L

£54.95 +VAT
Orion 8001 Sprayer Tip (Orange)

Cat code:SF01

Orion 8002 Sprayer Tip (Yellow)

Cat code: SF02

£2.50 +VAT