iVo Cordless Battery Brushes

iVo cordless battery powered hand held brushes ideal for restoring and cleaning many different surfaces. Our range of iVo Battery powered hand brushes have the power for stain removal, scrubbing, polishing and tile and grout cleaning.

iVo OrbiPro Cordless Orbital Complete Kit

Options Available

From: £359.00+VAT
iVo Power Brush XL Kit

Cat code:IPBXL

iVo Power Brush - Full Contractors Kit

Cat code:IPBC

iVo OrbiPro Black Scrubbing Pad 170mm

Cat code:IOPBTP5

iVo OrbiPro Blue Scrubbing Pad 170mm

Cat code:IOPBMP5

iVo OrbiPro Red Scrubbing Pad 170mm

Cat code:IOPRMP5

iVo OrbiPro White Scrubbing Pads 170mm

Cat code:IOPWLP5

iVo 125mm Carpet & Upholstery Brush

Cat code:IOPB125C

iVo OrbiPro Melamine Pads 170mm

Cat code:SFP5

iVo Orbipro Small Velcro Backing Pad, 170mm

Cat code:IOPSBP1

iVo OrbiPro Microfibre Bonnets 170mm

Cat code:IOPWMB75

iVo OrbiPro Threaded Velcro Pad Holder

Cat code:IOPPH1