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iVo Group

Here is our range of iVo Group cleaning machines and accessories. iVo Group are well known for their innovate cleaning products that are thoughtfully designed to bring cost effective, reliable and innovative approaches to modern day cleaning.
iVo RovaWash Lithium 250

Cat code:IRW250B

 (£2388.00 Inc VAT)
iVo RovaWash

Options Available

 (£1374.00 Inc VAT)
iVo RovaVac Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Cat code:IRV1

 (£646.80 Inc VAT)
iVo Power Brush XL Kit

Cat code:IPBXL

 (£394.80 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Cordless Orbital Complete Kit

Cat code:IOPK1

 (£509.94 Inc VAT)
iVo 125mm Carpet & Upholstery Soft Brush

Cat code:IOPBU301

 (£27.59 Inc VAT)
iVo 125mm Carpet Brush (Firm)

Cat code:IOPBC301

 (£27.59 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Blue Scrubbing Pad 165mm

Cat code:IOPBMP5

 (£16.43 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro White Scrubbing Pads 165mm

Cat code:IOPWLP5

 (£16.43 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Black Scrubbing Pad 165mm

Cat code:IOPBTP5

 (£16.43 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Red Scrubbing Pad 165mm

Cat code:IOPRMP5

 (£16.43 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Super Foam (Melamine) Pads 170mm

Cat code:IOPSFP5

 (£21.13 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Threaded Velcro Pad Holder

Cat code:IOPPH1

 (£13.73 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Microfibre Bonnets 170mm (5 Pack)

Cat code:IOPWMB75

 (£13.73 Inc VAT)
iVo Orbipro Small Velcro Backing Pad, 170mm

Cat code:IOPSBP1

 (£4.99 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro 18v 4AH Battery

Cat code:IOPB41

 (£166.32 Inc VAT)
18" iVo Rapitex Turf Pad

Cat code:IOM43RT-1

 (£142.56 Inc VAT)

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