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Melamine Floor Cleaning Pads

Amtech UK - Combo Melamine Pads For a deeper & longer lasting clean

Amtech Uk‘s Combo Melamine floor cleaning Pads are specifically designed for deep cleaning and restoration of VCT, marble, stone, concrete, ceramic and other porous floor surfaces. They cut through stubborn, ingrained dirt and scuff marks with just water only and for a faster result in extreme cases with DYNAX Tile, Stone, Grout and Safety floor cleaner. They are extremely durable and last longer than competitive pads resulting in significant saving in both labour and chemical costs.

  • Highly effective for daily, periodic and deep cleaning
  • Durable - lasts longer than other pads currently on the market today
  • Cleans up to 1000m² on single disc machines and up to 10,000m² for scrubber driers
  • For use on micro-porous floor surfaces such as ceramic, terracotta, marble and concrete
  • Improved cleaning performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • No need to clean the melamine pads between uses
  • Fits all standard pad holders
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Enhanced gloss and shine protection

Amtech Uk's Combo Melamine floor Pads are manufactured from high-strength melamine foam, bound with adhesive to greatly improve their abrasive strength and durability. The open cell structure penetrates deeply into micro-porous in floor surface, absorbing dirt and removing unsightly marks without damaging floor protection. The pads can be used wet or dry, with or without cleaning agent, to produce clean, residue-free surfaces, and restore shine to protected floors.

ORBOT UltraLift Melamine Pad 17" (Box of 1)

Cat code:K.5.120.0725.1

 (£42.00 Inc VAT)
ORBOT UltraLift Melamine Pads 17" (Box of 5)

Cat code:K.5.120.0725.0

 (£192.00 Inc VAT)
Combo Melamine Hand Pads (Pack of 5) 115 x 250 mm

Cat code:4510

 (£30.00 Inc VAT)
Rectangular Melamine Floor Cleaning Pad

Cat code:9.506.510

 (£210.00 Inc VAT)
iVo OrbiPro Super Foam (Melamine) Pads 170mm

Cat code:IOPSFP5

 (£21.13 Inc VAT)

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