Powr-Riser Showerfeed Brush, .025 fill

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Powr-Riser Showerfeed Brush, .025 fill

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£59.40 Inc VAT

 |  RRP: £106.00 +VAT

Carpet shampooing is now faster and more efficient than ever before! The Powr-Riser adjustable showerfeed brush has a glider in the centre that carries the weight of the floor machine, allowing the full bristle to clean. No more flattened brushes.


  • Polyester synthetic fibers won't get soft because they don't absorb water
  • Unique glide adjust in 1/8" height increments for any carpet nap height
  • Full weight of the floor machine is on the glider, greatly extending the brush life
  • 5" centre hole
  • Clutch plate is included