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Zip It Spot & Stain Remover (5 Litres)

Catalogue code:5535

Zip IT Carpet Spot and Stain Remover

£21.00 +VAT
£25.20 Inc VAT

ZIP IT Spot & Stain Remover will dissolve the toughest spots & stains on carpet & upholstery. Formulated with all natural ingredients that will leave carpet & upholstery soft and fresh.

ZIP IT has been tested and approved for Indoor Air Quality: our products contain no VOCs and no added fragrance.

TEST FOR COLOR FASTNESS: Prior to cleaning, test in an inconspicuous area of carpet or upholstery to insure colourfastness. Apply a small amount of product to the area. Wait one for minute and blot with a bleach-free, white cotton towel. Check for any colour transfer.

DIRECTIONS: ZIP IT is READY TO USE . Using more is NOT better. Use as directed.

CARPET: Spray on spot. Allow Zip It to penetrate soiled area. Rub gently or scrub using a spotting brush. In extreme cases, allow to dwell for 15 minutes. Using a bleach-free white cotton towel, blot until spot is removed. Repeat if necessary.

UPHOLSTERY: Spray on evenly, applying from the bottom going up. Rub gently or scrub using a soft upholstery brush. Blot using a bleach-free white cotton towel, until spot is removed.

TECHNICAL DATA: pH: 9.5        Odour: absolute odourless        Colour: clear, non-foaming
CAUTION: Do not use on varnished surfaces, leather, or vinyl. This product will strip protective finishes if allowed to puddle. Protective gloves should be worn to minimize skin contact. Wash hands after use to avoid skin drying out.

FIRST AID: In case of eye contact flush with fresh water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, rinse mouth with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek prompt medical advice.