HydroCap Chemical Dispensing System

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HydroCap Chemical Dispensing System

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HydroCap™ chemical dispensing system offer a low-cost, portable means of accurately diluting concentrated cleaning products for use in buckets, bottles, auto scrubbers, sinks, tanks and other containers.

The HydroCap™ proportioner has been designed to meet your needs when conventional, wall-mounted systems won't do. Simply mount the cap proportioner to your chemical concentrate bottle, connect it to an available water source, and you're ready to go!

  • Mobile: Take it anywhere! You don't need a wall or a cart, it goes anywhere you can find water and carry your chemical container!
  • Low Cost: Even with all of its features, it fits any budget!
  • Fits virtually any container: The standard HydroCap™ comes with a 38mm cap, the standard for 1 gallon, 5 litre, 2 litre, and other containers. And it's flexible enough to use with virtually any cap, you supply us the cap and we can assemble a model for you (minimums apply).
  • Multi-Use: Perfect for filling spray bottles, buckets, auto scrubbers, sinks, tanks, or practically any other container you can think of!

Accessories Included For Easy Use hydrocap chemical dispenser example

  • Male and female quick-connects to make it easy to attach to a water hose, saving you time and money.
  • On/off valve to allow you to shut off the unit at hose end, not back at the water source, making it easy and quick for you to fill multiple containers.
  • Metal right-angle bracket to allow you to hang the proportioner and chemical bottle over the side of the bucket or auto scrubber when filling – very convenient!
  • Molded right-angle bracket to bend discharge tubing for easy filling of bottles, buckets or other containers.
  • 4 ft. discharge tube for bucket/scrubber filling – can be cut to desired length for bottle filling.
  • 15 metering tips give you a wide range of dilution options to meet almost every need! (Additional tips available for leaner dilutions).

Use It Anywhere

There's an application for the HydroCap™ proportioner in almost every cleaning environment.

  • Food Service: Use it as a low cost proportioner for sink filling, or for bottle and bucket filling of surface and floor cleaners for interior and exterior areas.
  • Industrial: Use it for filling of walk-behind or ride-on auto scrubbers, remote cleaning, and filling tanks with diluted solutions.
  • Health Care: Use it for re-filling mop buckets for patient room cleaning.
  • Supermarkets/Retail: Use it for auto scrubber-filling for interior or exterior cleaning.
  • Contract Cleaning: Use it anywhere you don't have easy access to a base station proportioning system, and for remote carpet cleaning applications.

Flow Rate: 4 GPM

Available Dilutions: Max=420:1 Min=6:1