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Motorscrubber M-Wipes Kit

Catalogue code:MSS31

Motorscrubber M-Wipes Dispenser Pouch

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Wipe Out The Risk

The patent pending, MotorScrubber M-Wipe System allows disinfectant to be applied to the reverse side of 3D touch points, which are often missed by other spraying machines. M-Wipes are a special non-absorbent, PP material, designed to apply disinfectant and not dry the surface, ensuring the specified contact/dwell time is achieved.

Fitting to the existing backpack system, the dispenser and disposal pouches allow for rapid wipe release and convenient wipe disposal.


  • On-board System (Attaches To Existing Backpack)
  • Heavy Duty & Durable Pouches
  • Quick Wipe Reload
  • Single Hand Dispensing

How To Use STORM® & M-Wipes

  • Firstly spray the front of the 3D touch point with STORM
  • Dispense one M-Wipe, then spray the wipe with disinfectant using STORM®.
  • Wipe the reverse side of the 3D touch point ensuring full coverage.

This method vastly reduces the risk of cross infection.

Whats included in M-Wipes Kit

This kit includes one box of M-Wipes, one wipe dispenser and one wipe disposal pouch.