Pioneer Eclipse 440ST Propane Stripping Machine

Catalogue code:PE440ST

Pioneer Eclipse 440ST Propane Stripping Machine

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The Pioneer Eclipse 440ST is a powerful, propane powered floor stripping machine. The 440ST uses two counter-rotating drivers that effectively remove floor finishes faster than any other machine on the market. The Rok-bak feature allows operators to quickly change pads and brushes while its sleek, ergonomic design makes the machine simple and easy to operate.

Pioneer Eclipse Steady Air Fuel Ratio TechnologyThe Pioneer Eclipse PG440ST is fitted with the latest SAFR™ (Steady Air Fuel Ratio) Technology system that monitors the pressure between the air filter and carburettor. A dirty air filter restricts air flow, which causes the air-fuel mixture to richen, which then results in increased CO. As the air filter becomes dirty, the pressure decreases. With SAFR™ technology, this change in pressure results in a reduction in fuel delivered to the engine. The net result is a Steady Air Fuel Ratio no matter the air filter condition.


Pioneer Eclipse SAFR Technology