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Pioneer Eclipse Atlas Alcohol Resistant Floor Coating (4 Litres)

Catalogue code:115MPE

Pioneer Eclipse Atlas Alcohol Resistant Floor Coating

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Alcohol Resistant Floor Coating

Pioneer Eclipse Atlas Floor Coating is a unique polymer blend that is durable, repairable and removable. Specially formulated to be resistant to alcohol based hand sanitisers.

This product is a single component formula that does not require mixing or specialized equipment and application processes to achieve superior alcohol and iodine resistance.

  • Durable, repairable & removable
  • Alcohol resistant
  • No mixing required
  • Easy to use

How Atlas Alcohol Resistant Floor Coating compares to other coating types

Atlas Alcohol
Resistant Coating
Dri-Brite Coating Conventional Coating Ultra Durable Coating
Abrasion Resistance Good Good Fair Excellent
Alcohol Resistance Excellent Poor Poor Good
Soil Resistance Excellent Good Good Excellent
Initial Gloss Excellent Excellent Good Fair
Repairability Good Fair Excellent Poor
Removability Good Good Excellent Poor

How Atlas STAIN RESISTANCE compares to leading competitive coating

Test results comparing Atlas floor coating with a leading competitive coating demonstrate Atlas’ superior resistance to isopropanol, hand sanitizer and iodine from 5-minute through 24-hour dwell times at 24-hour and 7-day cure times.

Atlas stain resistance chart

Atlas demonstrated little to no staining from alcohol, sanitizer,

and iodine verses leading competitive floor coating


Description: Polymer emulsion.
Appearance: Milky white
Specular Gloss (60°) ASTM D1455-87 (2008): > 80
Viscosity (Brookfield) @ 68°F (20°C): < 10 centipoise
Coverage Rate: 2500 to 3000 ft²/gal
61 to 74 m²/litre
Dry Time: About 30 minutes.
Buffability: Excellent.
Removability ASTM D1792-06: Good.
VOC 40 CFR Part 59 Subpart C: < 0.25
Total Solids: 25%
Non-Volatile Solids ASTM D2834-95 (2008): 20%.
Fragrance: Mild odor.
Slip Resistance ULTM410: UL pending.
Shelf Life ASTM D1791-93 (2008): 1 year.
Density ASTM D1475-98 (2008): 8.5 lb/gal @ 68°F, 1.02 kg/L @ 20°C
Detergent Resistance ASTM D3207-92 (2008): Excellent.
Freeze/Thaw ASTM D3209-93 (2008): Passes 3 cycles.