CFR ECO 500 AW Plus Parts

Official spares and replacement parts for the CFR ECO 500 AW Plus carpet cleaning machine. Buy genuine CFR parts from Amtech UK.

Ametek Lamb 6.6" High Suction Vacuum Motor

Cat code:72855B

 (£222.00 Inc VAT)
Coupler, QD, Valved 1/4 F

Cat code:PMF-QD80

 (£16.62 Inc VAT)
Kit B, Pumptec Valves

Cat code:PT-10022

 (£64.25 Inc VAT)
Kit A, Pumptec Plunger / Seal

Cat code:PT-10055

 (£108.72 Inc VAT)
Kit C, .105 Cam Bearing

Cat code:PT-10075

 (£47.69 Inc VAT)
Filter Final cartridge CFR Eco 500

Cat code:72777B

 (£34.46 Inc VAT)
Filter Basket Inlet Stainless Steel Eco 500

Cat code:72774B

 (£57.41 Inc VAT)
CFR Eco 500 Inlet Filters Pack of 6

Cat code:72776B

 (£19.02 Inc VAT)
6" Lid

Cat code:PX103+

 (£38.69 Inc VAT)
Plastic Fitting Hose Barb

Cat code:PX25

 (£8.10 Inc VAT)
1/2" Push Nut And Cap

Cat code:7GL002

 (£4.20 Inc VAT)
Solution Filling Hose

Cat code:30.0024.00

 (£22.74 Inc VAT)
Rocker Switch

Cat code:PX87

 (£10.31 Inc VAT)
CFR ECO 500 Hour Meter

Cat code:72411A

 (£30.06 Inc VAT)
ML-3P 15 AMP Flanged Inlet

Cat code:X9000

 (£76.62 Inc VAT)
Coupler QD SS

Cat code:72800A

 (£56.98 Inc VAT)
Nozzle Seal / O Ring

Cat code:SSCP19770

 (£6.00 Inc VAT)
Nipple, QD 1/4M-1/4F Valved

Cat code:PMF-QD40

 (£11.40 Inc VAT)
1.5" Valve Hanger

Cat code:PMF-AC31V5

 (£10.74 Inc VAT)
Wonder Wand Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code:PMF-RV2P-EZ

 (£16.51 Inc VAT)
Coupler, QD 1/8 F

Cat code:PMF-QD52

 (£11.82 Inc VAT)
Nipple, QD 1/8M

Cat code:PMF-QD12

 (£6.46 Inc VAT)
Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code:PMF-RV4N-HP

 (£17.94 Inc VAT)
Trigger Assembly

Cat code:PMF-V4N-HP

 (£59.40 Inc VAT)
RFI Filter 20A

Cat code:71816A

 (£66.00 Inc VAT)

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