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CFR Flexible Hide A Hose Parts

Official spares and replacement parts for the CFR Flexible Hide A Hose C/W Receiver. Buy genuine CFR parts from Amtech UK.

Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code:72305RK


RRP: £19.71 +VAT

Trigger Assembly

Cat code:72305B


RRP: £38.86 +VAT

Nipple, QD 1/8M

Cat code:70101A


RRP: £6.38 +VAT

Coupler, QD 1/8 F

Cat code:70100A


RRP: £7.56 +VAT

Nipple, QD 1/4M-1/4F Valved

Cat code:PX5


RRP: £11.50 +VAT

Coupler, QD, Valved 1/4 F

Cat code:PX6


RRP: £15.85 +VAT

1.5" Valve Hanger

Cat code:AA165+


RRP: £8.95 +VAT

Hose Joiner

Cat code:HJ1


RRP: £15.42 +VAT