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Powr Flite PFX1350 Parts

Official spares and replacement parts for the Powr Flite PFX1350 carpet cleaning machine. Buy genuine Powr Flite parts from Amtech UK

Motor Pump CFR, Powr-Flite

Cat code:71238B

Lamb Ametek 3 stage 5.7" High Suction Vacuum Motor

Cat code:72854A

Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motor Mounting Bracket

Cat code:72853A

Gasket Vacuum

Cat code:70020B

500 p.s.i. Gold Pump Head

Cat code:71540A

1000 PSI Pressure Gauge

Cat code:72758A

Brass Regulator

Cat code:72599A

Coupler, QD, Valved 1/4 F

Cat code:PX6

Kit B, Pumptec Valves

Cat code:7HR034

Kit A, Pumptec Plunger / Seal

Cat code:7HR021

Kit C, .160 Cam Bearing

Cat code:7HR040

Kit, Pressure Regulator Rebuild

Cat code:10370A

Pump Protection Filter

Cat code:71495A

RFI Filter 20A

Cat code:71816A

6" Lid

Cat code:PX103+

Vacuum Chamber

Cat code:X9467

Plastic Fitting Hose Barb

Cat code:PX25

Wheel PFX Series 12" + Cap

Cat code:X9066 + 7GL002

1/2" Push Nut And Cap

Cat code:7GL002

Drain Hose Plug / Cap

Cat code:PAS36

Drain Hose Long

Cat code:PAS37

Solution Filling Hose

Cat code:30.0024.00

Rocker Switch

Cat code:PX87

X9818 Power Connector (Male)

Cat code:X9818

Power Connector (Female)

Cat code:X9817

ML-3 15 AMP Female Plug

Cat code:X9809

ML-3P 15 AMP Flanged Inlet

Cat code:X9000

4" Caster Wheel Black PFX Series

Cat code:PX65

Nozzle Seal / O Ring

Cat code:72725A

Nipple, QD 1/4M-1/4F Valved

Cat code:PX5

1.5" Valve Hanger

Cat code:AA165+

Wonder Wand Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code:PX810R+

Coupler, QD 1/8 F

Cat code:70100A

Nipple, QD 1/8M

Cat code:70101A

Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code:72305RK

Trigger Assembly

Cat code:72305B

Carpet Cleaning Machine Priming Hose

Cat code:PT400H

Plug And Power Lead

Cat code:X9817 +LEAD