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Pioneer Eclipse June Offer

We have a great selection of special offers for June from our range of carpet and hard floor cleaning equipment and chemicals.
The offers here change every month, so be sure to check back regularly and don't miss out on a hot deal!

Omniguard™ UHS Floor Polish

Cat code:141MP


RRP: £27.43 +VAT

Sta-Brite 20 Floor Polish

Cat code:130MP


RRP: £24.40 +VAT

FloorMatte Non Glare Polish

Cat code:114MP


RRP: £23.52 +VAT

Eclipse Hard Floor Sealer

Cat code:403MP


RRP: £28.17 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse LockOut Hard Floor Protector

Cat code:423FSE


RRP: £199.40 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse PrimeStar Base Coat

Cat code:409MP


RRP: £26.20 +VAT

Rebound Floor Cleaner / Enhancer -  Super Concentrate

Cat code:211L5


RRP: £42.85 +VAT

Envirostar Ultra All Purpose Cleaner - Super Concentrate

Cat code:339DD


RRP: £35.90 +VAT

Eclipse Heavy Duty Degreaser

Cat code:396MP


RRP: £18.76 +VAT

Eclipse Neutral All Purpose Floor Cleaner

Cat code:301L5


RRP: £11.90 +VAT

Eclipse Low Odour Stripper

Cat code:510MP


RRP: £28.18 +VAT

Formula X-treme Floor Stripper - Super Concentrate

Cat code:549MP


RRP: £39.22 +VAT

Formula X UHP Stripper

Cat code:503L5


RRP: £27.88 +VAT

Envirostar Green All Purpose Neutralizer

Cat code:338MP


RRP: £13.10 +VAT

WoodStar Wood Floor Polish Satin

Cat code:702SMP


RRP: £63.22 +VAT

WoodStar Wood Floor Polish Gloss

Cat code:702HGMP


RRP: £60.00 +VAT

Extend Auto Floor Burnish Maintainer 10 Litres

Cat code:201FSE


RRP: £37.50 +VAT