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This is your last chance to purchase new machines at Knock Down prices.

All equipment listed in this section is brand new and has only been displayed in our showroom.

All equipment is supplied with a 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty.

SlipSafe Tile Treatment

Cat code:SST415


RRP: £56.25 +VAT

Stainless Steel Cleaner / Polish

Cat code:319A12


RRP: £9.18 +VAT

Formula X Gel Stripper

Cat code:503A12


RRP: £8.13 +VAT

Eclipse Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cat code:351Q12


RRP: £2.77 +VAT

Eclipse Washroom Cleaner

Cat code:353L5


RRP: £13.17 +VAT

Glass Cleaner Ready-To-Use

Cat code:352RT6


RRP: £3.15 +VAT

Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Cat code:352L5


RRP: £11.92 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse LockOut Hard Floor Protector

Cat code:423FSE


RRP: £192.96 +VAT

Pioneer Eclipse HardCore™ Densifying Treatment

Cat code:422FSE


RRP: £81.89 +VAT

KGS FLEXIS Blue Diamond Pad - Medium - Qty 2

Options Available


RRP: £47.60 +VAT

KGS FLEXIS Cream Diamond Pad - Ultra Fine - Qty 2

Options Available


RRP: £47.60 +VAT

CFR Wonder Twin Jet Wand With Trigger

Cat code:WW1000-2


RRP: £575.00 +VAT

Sta-Brite 20 Floor Polish

Cat code:130MP


RRP: £22.51 +VAT

Extend Auto Floor Burnish Maintainer 10 Litres

Cat code:201FSE


RRP: £37.50 +VAT

Powr-Riser Showerfeed Brush, .025 fill

Cat code:SF515+


RRP: £106.00 +VAT

HydroCap Chemical Dispensing System

Cat code:MA002400


RRP: £35.00 +VAT