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Eclipse Neutral All Purpose Floor Cleaner (5 Litres)

Catalogue code:301L5

Pioneer Eclipse Eclipse Neutral All Purpose Floor Cleaner

£10.80 +VAT
£12.96 Inc VAT

The low foaming cleaner that keeps the shine.

Low pH, all-purpose daily floor cleaner removes dirt and soil without harming the shine. May be used on all washable surfaces.


Concentrated for economical use.
Low foaming - easily applied with mop, sponge or scrubber dryer.
Effective cleaner for deep scrubbing and re-coating program.
Pleasant light, lemon fragrance.


All washable surfaces, all resilient tile flooring, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, quarry tile and treated wood floors.

Directions for use:


  1. Sweep floor daily with a dust mop.
  2. Determine proper dilution based on desired cleaning.
  3. Damp mop or use an automatic scrubber.
  4. Burnish floor.


 Description All purposes synthetic water-based cleaner
 Appearance Pink viscous liquid
 Fragrance Slight lemon
 pH 8,5 - 10
 Flash Point None
 Viscosity (Brookfield) 390 mPa.S
 Shelf Life 2 years
 Density +/- 1.014 g/cm³
 Freeze/Thaw Passes 3 cycles
 VOC 0%