Premium Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (5 Litres)

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PREMIUM CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANER is quite simply years ahead of its time. This is a high performance, cost effective & safe product which delivers unrivalled cleaning results with all carpet and upholstery cleaning systems including; portables, truck mounted extraction systems, rotary & cylindrical machines, bonnet & dry powder cleaning systems.


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GET 10% OFF, Offer Ends 31st December

Premium Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is completely soap, detergent, odour free and non-toxic. Unlike most detergent based products will not leave a soapy, sticky residue in the fibres, which promotes rapid re-soiling. Carpets stay cleaner longer. Breaks down old detergent residues left behind from previous cleaning.

This amazing concentrated product is powerful, extremely versatile and used by professional carpet cleaners to restore carpets to their original condition both in domestic and commercial premises.

It does not contain any harmful ingredients therefore making it environmentally friendly, children and pet safe.

This unique product specifically designed for all types of carpets manufactured from natural or synthetic fibres. It can effortlessly cut through heavy oil & grease, ground in dirt from severely soiled traffic lanes. It will also remove tough spots & stains caused by blood, various inks, ketchup, shoe polish, tea, coffee, food and beverage residues, and more

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HOW TO USE: Mix with Hot or Cold water.

Extraction Systems: Dilute 1:5 – 1:32 (200ml/L - 32ml/L) Use as pre-spray. Scrub with soft shampoo brush or contra rotating brush machine. Rinse with fresh water.

Upholstery Cleaning: Dilute 1:5 – 1:20 (200ml/L - 50ml/L) Use as pre-spray. Lightly scrub with soft upholstery brush. Absorb soil residue with clean damp terry towel or rinse with fresh water.

Encapsulation / Bonnet Cleaning: Dilute 1:5 – 1:32 (200ml/L - 32ml/L) Use as pre-spray. Absorb soil residue with bonnet pad.

Powder Cleaning: Dilute 1:5 – 1:32 (200ml/L - 32ml/L) Use as pre-spray. Absorb soil residue with powder.


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