CFR WW1000 Wand 3 Jet Parts

Official spares and replacement parts for the CFR WW1000 3 Jet Wand. Buy genuine CFR parts from Amtech UK.


Brass Nozzle Body with O Ring

Cat code:72488A

Nozzle Seal / O Ring

Cat code:72725A

Nozzle Stainless Steel Wonder Wand 11001

Cat code:72489A

Clip, Wand Header Retainer

Cat code:71700A

1/4 - 1/8 Reducing Bush

Cat code:7AG002

Valve Assembly Wonder Wand

Cat code:PX810

Wonder Wand Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code:PX810R+

Trigger Repair Kit

Cat code:72305RK

Nipple, QD 1/8M

Cat code:70101A

Coupler, QD 1/8 F

Cat code:70100A

Wonder Wand Inline Filter

Cat code:60400B

Filter Inline Strainer

Cat code:72140A

Check Valve

Cat code:72413A