Cimex Encap Bundle

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Cimex Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Machine

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Cimex Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Cimex Encap package includes the Cyclone CR48 contra-rotating triple brush system, provides unbeatable cleaning performance on carpets and hard floors.
This gives a vigorous action that cleans in all directions with the brushes cleaning deep into the pile of carpets.

A high productivity, cost effective, low moisture carpet cleaning system.

  • The system features polymer chemistry that encapsulate dirt for cleaner carpets for longer.
  • Cleans up to 300 m per hour.
  • Specialised cleaning solution applied using Cimex three-brush scrubbing machine.
  • Deep cleaning restores brightness to even heavily soiled carpets.
  • Low moisture cleaning so carpets dry quickly.
  • No soil attracting residues, which means that carpets stay cleaner for longer.
  • Eliminates wicking problems – stains do not appear on the surface as the carpet dries.

Package Includes:

CR48   Cimex Cyclone 19 Inch Scrubber Polisher
06-0326-0000   Cimex-Encap Carpet Cleaner - 1 Gal (3.785 Litres)
11-2062-0500   Cimex-Encap Pad Drivers - Set of 3
06-0309-0000   Cimex-Encap 8" Pads - Box of 15
11-2007-0500   Cimex-Encap Shampoo Brushes - Set of 3

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