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420GPHD 21" Floor Grinder, Polisher & Burnisher

Catalogue code:420GPHD

The 420GPHD is the answer to hard floor maintenance. This propane powered floor care machine grinds, polishes, and burnishes hard floor surfaces like concrete, marble, and terrazzo.


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One operator. One machine. One solution. Hard floor care. Easy.

A professional floor care system for concrete, marble, stone and terrazzo floors.

The Pioneer Eclipse 420GPHD diamond grinds, polishes and burnishes and is part of a simple, comprehensive concrete floor maintenance system that drastically lowers labour costs, eliminates expensive machines, and simplifies operations.

Pioneer Eclipse Steady Air Fuel Ratio TechnologyThe Pioneer Eclipse 420GPHD is fitted with the latest SAFR™ (Steady Air Fuel Ratio) Technology system that monitors the pressure between the air filter and carburettor. A dirty air filter restricts air flow, which causes the air-fuel mixture to richen, which then results in increased CO. As the air filter becomes dirty, the pressure decreases. With SAFR™ technology, this change in pressure results in a reduction in fuel delivered to the engine. The net result is a Steady Air Fuel Ratio no matter the air filter condition.


  • Dust port to accommodate vacuum hose for dry grinding.
  • 12 volt on-board battery starter.
  • 7 gallon (26,5 liters) on board water supply.
  • Internal “above pad” water dosing system provides for even floor wetting and prevents wetting walls and merchandise.
  • Adjustable welded handle for improved comfort andcontrol.
  • Eco-Sense™ emissions monitoring system.
  • American made all aluminum castings.
  • RokBak™ deck for easy pad installation.
  • Easy access filters for quick maintenance.
  • Ergonomic clutch and finger tip on/off water flow control.
  • Integral skirt protects surrounding merchandise.

The 420GPHD features a three position throttle - idle, polish, burnish - that accurately adjusts the pad speed for optimal grinding / polishing (1000 rpm) or high speed burnishing (1500 rpm).

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Performance Polishing: 11,000 ft2/hr. (1022 m2/hr.) Burnishing: 25,000 ft2/hr. (2322 m2/hr.)
Driver Size 21" (53 cm)
Width 22.75" (58 cm)
Vibration ‹ 2.5 m/s2
Pad Pressure 86 lb (3k kg) HD 180 lb (82 kg)
Noise Level 89 dB (A)
Pad Speed Grinding / Polishing: 1,000 rpm Burnishing: 1,500 rpm
Weight 265 lb (120 kg)
Weight With Tank
HD 380 lb (172 kg)


Pioneer Eclipse SAFR Technology


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