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Floor Cleaners / Degreasers

Amtech UK degreasers and industrial floor cleaners are ideal for breaking down dirt, oils and stains on hard floors in commercial properties and homes. Floor, tile and grout cleaning solutions for mopping and floor scrubbing machines.

Eclipse Neutral All Purpose Floor Cleaner

Cat code:301L5


RRP: £11.50 +VAT

Eclipse Heavy Duty Degreaser

Cat code:396MP


RRP: £15.12 +VAT

Dynax Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaner

Options Available

From: £12.62+VAT
Envirostar Ultra All Purpose Cleaner

Cat code:339DD


RRP: £34.08 +VAT

Rebound Floor Cleaner / Enhancer

Cat code:211L5


RRP: £35.72 +VAT