Orbot SprayBorg Parts

Official spares and replacement parts for the Orbot SprayBorg floor machine. Buy genuine Orbot parts from Amtech UK.

Orbot SprayBorg Hinge Bolt

Cat code: OB1002

£0.45 +VAT
Orbot Sprayborg Hinge And Handle

Cat code: OB1003-10

£83.99 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg On Off Switch

Cat code: OB1005-03

£8.58 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Sprayer Switch

Cat code: OB1007

£10.84 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Breaker

Cat code: OB1010

£7.69 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Wiring Box Cover Screw

Cat code: OB1012

£0.84 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/2" Cord Grip

Cat code: OB1013

£9.93 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/2" Conduit Nut

Cat code: OB1014

£0.58 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Handle Tube Cap

Cat code: OB1015

£2.71 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/2" Cord Grip for Handle Power Cord

Cat code:OB1018

Orbot SprayBorg Pull Latch

Cat code: OB1025

£54.55 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Handle Cord

Cat code: OB1033-09

£45.00 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 3/8" Pump Cage Hose

Cat code: OB2004

£3.91 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/4" Brass Elbow

Cat code: OB2007

£3.75 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2008-01

£7.71 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/4" Hex Nipple Pipe

Cat code: OB2008-02

£2.13 +VAT
Orbot Sprayborg Pump Cage Brass Elbow

Cat code: OB2008-04

£6.11 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Flow Control Valve

Cat code: OB2008-5

£73.45 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 90° Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2009

£15.78 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 3/8" Bottle Cartridge Hose

Cat code: OB2015

£9.75 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Strainer Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2016

£17.68 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bottle Cap

Cat code: OB2018

£7.18 +VAT
Orbot Sprayborg Spray Jet

Cat code: OB3014

£17.54 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Spray Jet Body

Cat code: OB3016

£7.87 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Nylon Spray Jet Washer

Cat code: OB3018

£0.29 +VAT
3/8" Orbot SprayBorg Quick Connect

Cat code: OB2011

£16.58 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Quick Connect Tee

Cat code: OB3019

£14.87 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Left Spray Jet Coupler

Cat code: OB3020

£12.55 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg 1/4" Spray Jet Hose

Cat code: OB3022

£1.31 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bearing Spacer

Cat code: OB3026-8

£9.49 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bearing Screw

Cat code: OB3026-17

£0.56 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Drive Plate Screw

Cat code: OB3047

£0.69 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Bearing Assembly

Cat code: OB3026-20

£120.66 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Velcro Driver Plate Screw

Cat code: OB3042

£0.75 +VAT
Orbot SprayBorg Velcro Terminal Strip

Cat code: HOSOSV1

£8.00 +VAT
Orbot Splash Guard

Cat code: HOSSG17

£110.00 +VAT